What material are your chains made of?

If the material is dark, it is likely a brass chain (nickel-free). If the material is gold, it is either 14kt gold-fill or a hammered brass chain.

How should I clean brass?

Brass is one of our favorite materials, and does oxidize with wear, but can be cleaned easily. Any polishing cloth with do the trick on brass. Don't have a polishing cloth handy? We also clean our brass with everything from lemon juice, steel wool, and some elbow grease and your favorite old t-shirt. Brass is super easy to clean and you are bound to have something laying around your home that will do the trick easily -- one of the many reasons we love this metal!

Can you do custom orders?

Absolutely! Please contact courtney@craftsandlove.com with a detailed description of your custom jewelry idea, and we will happily respond as soon as we can. The more specific you can be about your custom design, the easier and more efficient our time will be spent. We cannot create everything, but we will try our hardest to make your idea come to life. Please also be patient with custom orders, sometimes they can take up to a month to complete. We do not do custom orders during the holidays in November and December.

Do you sell wholesale?

We love wholesale orders! Please refer to the Wholesale page for more information about applying to carry Crafts and Love in your store. Any discounts offered to retail customers cannot be used on wholesale orders placed online. In the event further discounts are applied to a wholesale order, the customer will be billed for the difference before shipment.

Why Crafts and Love?

The name Crafts and Love came as I was trying to set up my initial Etsy shop, sitting up late at night racking my brain for a name that would embody what I stood for in my business. Some take it as I "make crafts with love" which is true, but I like to think that I use my craft to spread love -- whether it's a sweet gift to a friend or loved one, or using our profits to sponsor sweet Yerosen, when it comes down to it, we're here just trying to spread some love.