Crafts & Love focuses on highlighting natural beauty through minimalist, geometric lines to create affordable, hand-crafted jewelry. Every piece of jewelry is handmade by Courtney Weil in her home studio in Atlanta, GA. Courtney has been running Crafts & Love full-time since 2013.

From Courtney:

So glad you are here! I fell in love with jewelry making at a young age. I was that quiet child who loved to tinker with beads and wire in her room. I also fell in love with organizing all the small components and beads I used in my creations. Jewelry making has always been the perfect combination of organizing and creating for me, and to this day I love the challenge of storing my growing collection of gemstones and supplies. 

Throughout the year, I travel the country to gem shows to hand-pick my favorite raw, natural stones to use in our designs. I gravitate towards bold shapes and intense natural patterns. If a stone is iridescent in any way, it's mine!

I want my jewelry to be the easiest part of your outfit - simple pendants and short charm necklaces are constantly in my rotation. These minimal silhouettes create the perfect moment to highlight an epic gemstone or brass detail.

Today, I hand-make every piece of jewelry in my home studio in Atlanta (we're proudly ITP for those ATL-iens who know what's up). Atlanta has been home since moving here to study Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech. While obtaining both an Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, then a MPH from Emory, I continued my jewelry hobby as a side-hustle. I also married my best friend during this time, and he has continued to be the biggest cheerleader of my business journey. During grad school, I impulsively took a job selling cupcakes at my favorite local small cupcake shop. I was craving a job that was a bit mind-less and a break from the intense academia I was surrounded by at school. (Also, salted caramel cupcakes were involved, so obviously I was in!) What I didn't realize was that taking this job would introduce me to the small business world, which I ultimately fell in love with. 

I fell in love with the hustle and day-to-day grind of owning a small business. The decisions and vision involved in successfully sustaining and growing a small business are thrilling. I love controlling my own destiny (to a certain extent). 

I've been lucky enough to join a community of fellow small business hustlers in Atlanta, and that has made all the difference in my journey. The support that comes from a community is invaluable when you are a solopreneur, and I am so grateful to have found like-minded friends during this process.

2019 was a fun year because I was able to hire my first part-time studio assistant! It was a breath of fresh air to be able to talk and work alongside a friend. Sadly, we all know Covid struck in 2020 and everything, including my business, was shaken up. Like every small business, I had to pivot during this time, and am super fortunate to continue to have a viable business.

Above all, I love creating jewelry as a small moment of joy for my customers. I truly hope you find a new gem to brighten your day. Thank you for supporting my crafty journey and taking the time to read about our small business!

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