retailer spotlight: Young Blood

Posted on July 22, 2015 by Courtney Weil | 0 comments

I do love my local ATL retailers for a whole slew of reasons. As I currently work alone most days, it is imperative I put down the tools, walk away from my computer, and get some fresh air a few times a week (of course, beyond the daily trips to the Post Office). The best excuse for all this is to visit one of my retailers to restock jewelry or hand-deliver an order. I always look forward to these mornings or afternoons when I can escape for a few hours and enjoy a nice drive and quality time in these stores.

Young Blood in Virginia Highlands is one of my favorite stores to pop into, as YB is the epitome of modern, clean, and minimalist with a very carefully curated store, making any purchase from their shop a definite winner. They have the most gorgeous store plants as well, and I almost always splurge on a little something for myself when I get time to visit the shop (today's indulgence was a delicious bar of milk chocolate). I highly recommend popping into YB next time you're swinging through Virginia Highlands: you're bound to find lots of treasures, lots of C&L, and the best cupcake shop three doors down. (Fun fact: I sold cupcakes at that bakery for a few years during graduate school. It was the most delicious job!).

First two images c/o Young Blood