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Posted on May 17, 2015 by Courtney Weil | 0 comments

This week, I was overjoyed to receive a few photos of gorgeous Yerosen, our sponsor in Ethiopia. Of course, cue the round of tears when I realized she was wearing the blue sweater I gifted her for Christmas last year! Read a brief introduction to her and Because of Kennedy here. Every month for over a year now, a portion of our profits have helped pay for her education and basic needs through Because of Kennedy, a growing non-profit working directly in small communities in Ethiopia.

In the land of KickStarters, GoFundMes, etc., I have found it hard to parse out how to do good effectively (especially when sticking to a budget) because goodness knows when a friend sends me a link to help fund their work, I am all in (thanks, Virgo tendencies). For me, I love the structure, ease, and direct impact of my monthly gift to BoK. The funds directly impact your sponsor child and a few times a year, all sponsors have the option of gifting physical gifts and letters as well, which are given directly to your child. I cannot say enough great things about my experience, and am so looking forward to watching Yerosen bloom this year.

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Introducing Yerosen

Posted on January 30, 2014 by Courtney Weil | 2 comments

The past year has been enormous in the life of this little business. I am so grateful for the continued support of our customers that have been with me from the beginning of this adventure, as well as the new fans, customers and boutiques that have transformed this friends + family hobby into a small business. We are by no-means exploding off the map, but I am proud to say we have a strong financial ground. With that, I am thrilled to introduce the newest member of the Crafts and Love family.

Meet Yerosen. She's 8, attends school in Ethiopia, and lives with her grandmother because both of her parents have left this world already. She loves group games, and is the sweetest, sweetest girl.

Each month, a portion of our profits will be sent to Yerosen through the Atlanta-based organization, Because of Kennedy. Two of the most caring people I've met, Katie + Rudy Gleason, began this organization after the adoption process of their first little girl from Ethiopia, Kennedy. Kennedy was extremely malnourished, weighing only 5 pounds at 4 months. Two months after the adoption referral for Kennedy went through, sweet Kennedy passed away with pneumonia. The Gleason's hearts were shattered by the loss of Kennedy, and they were able to turn their heartbreak into an organization to fight for the lives of orphans and the vulnerable in Ethiopia. Today, the Gleason's have grown their family of two precious boys by adopting daughters Isabelle and Brooklyn from Ethiopia (cue the most precious family award). They founded BoK to promote the development of orphans and vulnerable families in order to become leaders in their communities. I met the Gleason's about 5 years ago as Rudy became a sponsor for an Engineers Without Borders project a group of friends and I were working on in Cameroon, Africa. I quickly learned how much of a natural servant heart this entire family has, and it is absolutely inspiring to watch their work unfold.

Each month, profits from Crafts and Love will be sent to Yerosen to pay for her education and basic needs. We are excited to financially support precious Yerosen, but also to lift her and her family up in prayer, and I invite you to do the same. We are so honored to be a small part of Yerosen's life and cannot wait to see how she grows. Learn more about Because of Kennedy on their website, and definitely reach out to me + the Gleason's if you are interested in getting involved as well. Thank you so much for supporting our little business, and I am thrilled that we can continue to use our craft to spread love.

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