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Wedding Jewelry Inspiration

Posted on October 03, 2016 by Courtney Weil | 1 comment

Whether an intimate gathering, or a large celebration, weddings are truly some of the most beautiful events to witness. My husband and I are nearing our five year anniversary (time is racing by!), and we've been able to attend a number of our friend's weddings the past few years. In a busy world, I find it so relaxing and inspiring to watch a couple celebrate their love. As a young married couple, it means a lot to hear the couple recite vows and get nuggets of wisdom from their pastor, or officiant. 

Weddings are also a time to reflect and remember those close to us. I have found a lot of brides reach for sentimental pieces of jewelry to wear during their big days. Typically, a vintage piece passed down in the family, or a locket. Our vintage Fleur Locket has been a popular choice for brides to wear or as a gift to bridesmaids. This tiny piece can hold a small momento, or act as a symbol for all you hold dear. I was so excited to see these stunning photos of our circle Fleur Locket captured in a shoot in Barcelona, Spain by Peaches & Twine Photography.

Many thanks to Peaches & Twine and creative director, 4 Corners Photography, for including our locket in this shoot. View vendor credits and more photos from this shoot here.