Urban Outfitters + Crafts and Love

Posted on February 11, 2015 by Courtney Weil | 0 comments

Absolutely ecstatic this week to announce that three of our fringe pieces are now available online at Urban Outfitters. 2015 is certainly off to a roaring start, and we could not be more humbled and proud of the growth of Crafts and Love last year, and already in the first month and a half of this year. I've barely had time to change the calender on the wall (literally, just took the 2014 calendar down today), and I've already produced more of some styles this year than all of last year combined -- it's crazy and so exciting.

Urban now carries a neutral palette of our June necklace, as well as all our remaining Driftwood necklaces, so hop over and snag one before they are gone -- the large brass cut-out was a vintage find, so there will never be more made quite like those. And finally, our popular Rose fringe necklace rounds out this lovely trio of vintage fringe pieces available at UO. We are so humbled, excited, and still feel a bit surreal that our creations are available at one of our favorite retailers. I guess this means I can go ahead and chalk up all the hours spent online browsing their site as 'market research', right? Right. Cheers to a fun year, y'all!