Wedding Jewelry Inspiration

Posted on October 03, 2016 by Courtney Weil | 1 comment

Whether an intimate gathering, or a large celebration, weddings are truly some of the most beautiful events to witness. My husband and I are nearing our five year anniversary (time is racing by!), and we've been able to attend a number of our friend's weddings the past few years. In a busy world, I find it so relaxing and inspiring to watch a couple celebrate their love. As a young married couple, it means a lot to hear the couple recite vows and get nuggets of wisdom from their pastor, or officiant. 

Weddings are also a time to reflect and remember those close to us. I have found a lot of brides reach for sentimental pieces of jewelry to wear during their big days. Typically, a vintage piece passed down in the family, or a locket. Our vintage Fleur Locket has been a popular choice for brides to wear or as a gift to bridesmaids. This tiny piece can hold a small momento, or act as a symbol for all you hold dear. I was so excited to see these stunning photos of our circle Fleur Locket captured in a shoot in Barcelona, Spain by Peaches & Twine Photography.

Many thanks to Peaches & Twine and creative director, 4 Corners Photography, for including our locket in this shoot. View vendor credits and more photos from this shoot here.


lookbook shoot behind the scenes

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As evening light poured into a rustic Goat Farm studio one April night, I was fortunate enough to help create our latest lookbook with a joyful team, captured by LeggyBird. We giggled nearly the entire team, slinging corny jokes left and right, making the evening feel more like hanging out with friends than work. I loved the intimate atmosphere of this studio (lent to us for the evening by Vic Bonvicini Photography), as it created an environment where the entire team was hands on throughout the shoot.
I dipped by feet into styling again, using two Maelu kimonos (I snagged the Maelu Arizona Kimono for myself right before the shoot because treat-yo-self is the real deal, and the details and texture on this fabric are absolutely gorgeous). I also recently fell in love with another handmade clothing line based in Portland, Make It Good, and used their Marine Sails Tank Dress, which created beautiful color and pattern, without being overpowering. I love wearing jewelry with prints that do not overwhelm and hide the jewelry, and Make It Good's prints fit the bill every time. Overall, this was definitely one of my favorite shoots to work on, and was the perfect way to begin a busy Spring season. Enjoy a few behind the scenes shots of Becca Bussert, our talented makeup artist, and Jerelyn, our stunning model.
Check out the entire lookbook here.
Photos by Leggy Bird

inspired no. 14

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Fringe is one of my favorite accessory layers, and happens to be quite trendy right now as well. The beauty of the fringe trend is it seems to always be relevant in some capacity, sometimes more pronounced than other times. Hence, one of our most loved pieces in the Core Collection is the Rose fringe necklace. Boasting an 18'' chain and vintage fringe charms, this necklace is ideally suited for layering. The golden neutral tones make it easy to match and layer, but she also looks great worn alone to add some simple but striking texture. I have always been a fan of understated takes on trends, and the Rose Necklace is perfectly suited for a minimalist fringe look.

Photos by Claudia Bost

inspired no. 13

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Porcupine pendants for the people! These pendants are one piece I adore creating just as much as I love wearing it. Each porcupine quill is natural and ethically harvested; the quills fall right off the porcupines at local farms and are collected, cleaned, and turned into pendants. The gradients vary drastically from quill to quill; some are solid black, others have 5 stripes of black, white, and occasionally shades of brown scattered throughout. The quills are very lightweight and airy, making them extremely easy to wear. Be ready for a conversation starter, most folks will truly not believe these beauties come from real porcupines!

Porcupine Necklaces
Photo Cred | You've Been Noted
Styling | Kathryn Fiore and You've Been Noted
Pink Vintage Skirt | It's Poppin via Kiwi Vintage Market
Hotlanta Tee | You've Been Noted Shop
Location | Kiwi Vintage Market

inspired no. 12

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Excited to share a new summer design and more shots from our fun shoot with You've Been Noted! I love when designs and colors scream summer (my favorite season!) and the new Pavo Necklace, available in turquoise and bright multi-color, is the epitome of summer dreams. The beads and V design create a statement silhouette, but the pendant is extremely lightweight as well. Lightweight is key for me in the summer, and this is the ultimate bright pendant for those long days. Once the days finally cool down this Fall, this piece will be ideal for layering, and she'll surely remind you of your summer adventures.

Pavo, Lorde, Rose Necklaces
Photo Cred | You've Been Noted
Styling | Kathryn Fiore and You've Been Noted
Vintage pink jumpsuit | Red Tag Affair via Kiwi Vintage
Vintage green dress | Vintage and More 101 via Kiwi Vintage

inspired no. 11

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America + Atlanta + necklaces + vintage -- that sums up our most recent photo shoot extremely well. I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon last week with a whole slew of talented local creatives for a very fun + unexpectedly patriotic photo shoot. Of course, the giant flag has made me even more excited to celebrate July 4th this weekend -- beer, beach, patriotism (what else could you ask for in a holiday?). This dual-citizen is ready for her adopted favorite holiday.

Hive and Autumn Necklaces
Photo Cred | You've Been Noted
Styling | Kathryn Fiore and You've Been Noted
Vintage Skirt | 2QueensVintage
Atlanta Tee | You've Been Noted Shop
Location | Kiwi Vintage Market

inspired no. 10

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With the rise of social media the last few years, there are parts of being so connected that I love and parts I wish I could easily shut off. I guess that's what the 'off' button is for -- I should use that more often. Anyways, one of my favorite parts of my business (and one of my saving graces as I work alone most of the time) is being able to connect in a small way to so many beautiful customers and bloggers around the world. Jackie of Something About That in Canada always brightens my day when she includes her C&L pieces in her blog posts, and I just adore her latest look where she layered two of our purple pieces, Rima and Eliza, in this effortless ensemble. She has C&L layering nailed, and we love her for it!

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