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Rebranding like a boss.

Posted on September 28, 2016 by Courtney Weil | 0 comments

Progress, not perfection.

This is a mantra I have been repeating to myself a lot over the past few months. When I get too focused on making something exactly perfect the first time, I find myself being paralyzed by action more often than not. I have wanted to redesign my logo for months (if not years), and have shoved it farther and farther down my to-do list, really out of fear it would be too hard. I thought about hiring someone to help a million and one times, but never pulled the trigger.

I wanted to keep my old idea of a logo, but build on it, treating it like a first draft. Specifically, I wanted a better font and an ampersand (instead of previously writing out 'and' in my logo). I feel like after 5 years of business, people understand what my name is (although I do laugh when people say Crafts of Love -- so close, but nope!).

I knew I found the perfect font fit when the 'love' almost exactly replicated the love tattoo I have on my middle finger. My husband and I converted the font into vectors and off we went, moving things, connecting the 'F' and 'L', and basically making a lot of tweaks over an entire Saturday. As two people who have no background in graphic design (although, granted, my husband did spend many hours in college playing with graphic design for clubs instead of working on homework -- go boy!), I'd say we did a mighty fine job!

With anything in small business, progress is key. This re-brand is exactly what I wanted and needed at this time in my business. A big motivator in the whole re-brand era, was my desire to upgrade our packaging, and I didn't want to dive into new packaging without a new logo. I have wanted sturdier packaging that shines, and I went literal with that dream. Introducing, our shiny, sparkly, gold-loving new packaging!

Packing up orders, a task I do over and over nearly every single day, feels so new and fresh with these new materials. My whole mind-set has changed with these upgrades. Instead of trying to pretend packaging wasn't a big deal and boutiques wouldn't care if I had basic packaging, I now get amped thinking of my jewelry, on their pretty cards, or hanging with new letterpress gold-foil necklace tags, in boutiques across the country. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that silly saying is so true in retail too. I hope you enjoy the upgrades, and get to see them in person soon! SaveSave


Introducing the Lunar Collection

Posted on February 21, 2016 by Courtney Weil | 0 comments

So ecstatic to start the new year with a clean, funky new collection. Introducing the Lunar Collection -- based on the ever changing, but always present moon, this collection blends spontaneity with classic style. I dream that these pieces will become seamless companions to your busy days throughout all the moons this year. Blending silver and gold, neutral tones and funky patterns, this collection is very dear to my modern, silly, ever-changing soul. I hope you can slip these on and feel confident, beautiful, and perfectly yourself. Cheers to a beautiful year!