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Galaxy Collection

Posted on February 13, 2015 by Courtney Weil | 0 comments

Without a doubt, this has been one of my favorite collections to design. I often go through the whole gamut of emotions + an identity crisis (my husband loves it, I'm sure) when designing new pieces because it feels so personal to dig inside myself and try to create something new, something I've never seen before, yet also something that is a reflection of my brand. However, with this collection, most of the designs came very naturally -- maybe it was because I was forced to focus hard during the hours dedicated to design, as I designed the majority of these pieces in the midst of the insanity of holiday production last year. I also deliberately forced myself to reach outside my favorite blue/green palette for some pieces, which led to finding the most gorgeous warm red gemstone -- the first time ever I've been drawn to the color red.

I was (and still am) going through a big phase of listening to lots of ODESZA and Glass Animals, and their smooth melodies helped shape the galaxy inspiration for this collection. Channeling the beauty and mystery of outer space was mesmerizing for me, especially as I began the design process by scrolling through Google Images of 'galaxy' -- I dare you to do it, it's magical. 

In this collection, you'll find lots of neutral palette earrings with slick lines and magical gemstones (I have a new love for rainbow fluorite) to round out our signature pendant style. The combination of modern lines, unique gemstones, and galactic inspiration are a combination I have grown to adore, and am planning to add more designs to this collection throughout the year - stay tuned. Browse the first iteration of designs here, and stay tuned for a new lookbook launching early next month -- we have a great team lined up and cannot wait to share. Also, can we all just take a moment and admire the gorgeous work Claudia Bost did on our styled product shots? In love.

All images Claudia Bost