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Behind the Scenes at the Florence Shoot

Posted on September 10, 2013 by Courtney Weil | 1 comment

Thank you for all the love so far on our new collection! It is so refreshing to pack up and ship out new pieces! In the process of adding new pieces, we are also in the process of discontinuing older pieces, and staying tuned on Facebook is the best way to keep up with those pieces, and to score some great deals.
As I mentioned when introducing the Florence Collection, the Florence lookbook shoot was an absolute blast. It really felt like all the stars aligned in just the right way, and I still have a blast flipping through the lookbook. We shot this collection in Downtown Roswell, just outside of Atlanta. It's a quieter spot in Atlanta, and I love the relaxed feel of the cafes and shops. I can't wait to be back to enjoy another coffee at Roswell Provisions, a gorgeous French-themed cafe.
We were lucky enough to have Megan of Lush to Blush and Johnny of Johnny Cheng Photography working with us at the shoot. While my husband, Christian, photographed the lookbook, it was so special to have Johnny take some behind the scenes shots, and I wanted to share a few of my favorites of his work.

All photos c/o Johnny Cheng Photography.

Introducing the Florence Collection

Posted on August 26, 2013 by Courtney Weil | 0 comments

After having a blast creating the Jekyll Island Collection and shooting some of the pieces in our favorite spots in Jekyll, it was becoming quite hard to choose another inspiring corner of the world that didn't involve the ocean or sand for our next collection. However, in the midst of a relaxing vacation in Cape Cod (yet more ocean and sand!), it hit me.

Florence, Italy!

Florence is still one of the most breathtaking and memorable cities I've ever traveled to, and knew it would be an ideal city to inspire our new Fall/Winter collection. I can still recall the cracked stone streets, tiny old shops with the best leather shoes, and mounds of gelato that I ate when I visited Florence almost five years ago. Florence is one of those relaxed cities with streets that I still dream of wandering through for days on end. Of course, when wandering gets trivial, you can always pop into one of the museums and see some of the most famous masterpieces to ever exist, I mean, the David -- can it get more famous? I certainly cannot wait to return to Florence, and mark my words -- it will absolutely happen!

We created a stunning collection inspired by these sites and memories, and I can honestly say this is my favorite collection yet! The majority of the pieces are neutral in color -- lots of gold, as always -- making these pieces ideal to layer with one another, or with other favorites you already own. This neutral look is complimented by romantic components, and stunning vintage finds. These are all pieces that can be slipped on with nearly any outfit, and I have had a blast wearing them myself -- I am trying not to keep one of each for my closet!

The Arno Necklace is made of draped vintage copper and gold bead chain, with a statement crystal cameo. We found these vintage stock cameos and had them gold-plated, so this and the Duomo Necklace (second photo) are true Crafts and Love original custom pieces. The Arno necklace is pictured with a clear cameo here, and will also soon be available with gold cameo!

The Mozzi Necklace, is created using this gorgeous vintage copper and gold bead chain, and holds a small ladder of brass tubes, with asymmetrical gold fringe. This necklace is one of my favorites not only because I'm in love with the vintage chain used, but also because this piece is a statement in it's design, while remaining simple and understated enough that it's inviting to wear, and can be paired with lots of outfits. The Baccio Earrings in this photo are also made from true vintage brass treasures, found in an enormous storage crate in New York City dating back to the 1940's.

I could go on and on about each piece in this collection, because they were all designed with a lot of thought and story, so I encourage you to flip through each product page to read about the materials and stories behind each one. Check out the whole Florence Collection here. I am so excited to release this collection, and from the bottom of my heart, and I hope you enjoy the pieces.

I would be remiss if I did not also note another favorite aspect of this collection -- the lookbook shoot. I'm so proud to call the three lovely ladies in the photos above -- Susan, Anna, and Mahwesh -- my friends. They are all stunning people, inside and out, and shooting this collection with them, and the lovely Megan of Lush to Blush, was such a match made in Crafts and Love heaven. Be sure to check out all the stunning photos of these three from our lookbook shoot.

So until we can all get out to share a meal of gelato and wine in Florence, I'd love to hear from you -- which pieces from this collection are your favorites? Leave us a comment below!