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The Beehive

Posted on January 22, 2015 by Courtney Weil | 0 comments

The Beehive has been nothing short of a blessing when it comes to the growth of C&L. It is something special to be a part of a local boutique after first being a customer. One of my first memories of the Beehive was when my then boyfriend (now, silly husband) and I popped into the Beehive after I mentioned they were having a big sale and it was "one of my favorite shops, and the sale ends this weekend." Queue the awkward silence before a response of a new relationship, when you impulsively begin talking about shopping together (eek!). But to my surprise, he was all in and we headed straight for the Bee. We had a ton of fun shopping the enormous sale, and we each left with fabric art by SoSheSews. I knew he was a keeper when he chose to buy artwork of a squirrel holding an umbrella, and then proceeded to immediately hang it in his apartment that night.

Fast forward about five years (we still have both fabric prints hanging in our apartment), we have now shared many more memories with the Beehive, as I've had a space in the shop over two years. This very sale my squirrel-buying husband and I frequented, is here again this weekend. It is a blast being a designer during this sale, because it is an opportunity for me to clear out my workspace of supplies I no longer use and begin a new season with a fresh space. I've learned over the years, you have to make time to clean your work space, or it will never get done. I am so grateful for this opportunity twice a year to deep clean with a purpose. I also always take the few weeks prior to the sale to collect pendants to deeply discount as well, as seen in the snap below. The customers of the Beehive have supported us from day one, and it means the world. Atlanta, I hope to see you at the sale this weekend! More details about it here.