inspired no. 13

Posted on July 10, 2015 by Courtney Weil | 0 comments

Porcupine pendants for the people! These pendants are one piece I adore creating just as much as I love wearing it. Each porcupine quill is natural and ethically harvested; the quills fall right off the porcupines at local farms and are collected, cleaned, and turned into pendants. The gradients vary drastically from quill to quill; some are solid black, others have 5 stripes of black, white, and occasionally shades of brown scattered throughout. The quills are very lightweight and airy, making them extremely easy to wear. Be ready for a conversation starter, most folks will truly not believe these beauties come from real porcupines!

Porcupine Necklaces
Photo Cred | You've Been Noted
Styling | Kathryn Fiore and You've Been Noted
Pink Vintage Skirt | It's Poppin via Kiwi Vintage Market
Hotlanta Tee | You've Been Noted Shop
Location | Kiwi Vintage Market

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