Meet our new logo!

Posted on March 06, 2014 by Courtney Weil | 0 comments

Pretty stinking excited to introduce our new logo!

As a small business owner, wearing many hats is part of the territory -- designer, manufacturer, web-editor, photographer, stylist, PR expert, and so many more. One of my not-so-favorite hats is the graphic designer hat. I've been wanting a simple, sleek logo for a while now and have been so ready to hire one of the many awesome graphic designers in town; however, I honestly did not know what I wanted enough to hire someone else to create it for me.

So, as most things around here happen, I randomly decided to put down the pliers, scooted a mound of beads and chain to the side, slid out my dusty keyboard, and started playing in my Photoshop-knock-off I bought on the App store for $5. And out popped this beauty! She's simple, sweet, a tad unexpected, modern with a vintage edge, and all around lovely for the stage I'm in. Like everything else in my business, I love to re-evaluate and change as I grow -- something I will certainly do with my logo as well. But I'm finding this is the perfect first step and she's a much-welcomed addition to C+L right now!

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