Atlanta Snow-pocalyse

Posted on January 29, 2014 by Courtney Weil | 0 comments

Snow + Atlanta is not the most graceful combination in the world. With only a few salt trucks, most of Atlanta has been essentially shut down the past few days, as snow fell and ice took over the roads. (There was even a little baby born on the highway last night because they couldn't make it to the hospital! Crazy!) Thankfully, after 4 hours, my husband was able to drive 15 miles and make it home safe and sound. Unfortunately we still have friends who are stranded on the roads, so we're continuing to pray for ATL these next few days! With a few days off work, our snow-cation has been full of hot chocolate + Bailey's and gazing at the snow.

Sharing a more personal side of C&L has been on my heart the past few months, especially as we've been growing so much recently. I adore being able to connect to brands on a personal level, and I did not want to lose that in C&L as we grow. So, with the gorgeous backdrop, we put on our fashion blogger hats (literally!) and explored the little winter wonderland in our neighborhood to snap a few photos. It was a blast! I'm excited to develop this blog a bit more this year through the occasional outfit post, but also through other aspects of my business that are close to my heart. I hope to also share stories of some of my other favorite local brands and shops as the year progresses. Stay tuned, because I have a big announcement later this week that I cannot wait to share! For now, I hope you enjoy today's adventures.

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